Beer tasting dinner “Czech it all”

From: 900.00

Try all 6 the most famous traditional Czech dishes in the author’s cuisine in one evening, this offer includes 6 small beers including beer from a family-owned Czech brewery and 6 liqueurs from the best producer of Czech liqueurs. 1,5 hours of history of the dishes you will eat, about selected drinks, as well as about the history of Czech cuisine and meaning of this place.


What is included

For each dish we picked up the appropriate beer and liqueur, the combination of which particularly brightly emphasizes its taste, and the change of dishes from appetizers to desserts enhances this effect.
The portions are prepared so that you can try all the most famous traditional Czech dishes in one evening.

grams of Traditional Czech dishes

milliliters of Best Czech craft beers

milliliters of Czech liqueurs Bartida

minutes of Czech cuisine history

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